Five classic and practical TV cabinet design cases

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Everyone knows that in the decoration, the decoration of the living room should not be underestimated, but due to the influence of house type, decoration style, decoration budget and other reasons, the decoration is very troublesome and troublesome

everyone knows that in the decoration, the decoration of the living room can not be underestimated, but due to the influence of house type, decoration style, decoration budget and other reasons, the decoration is very troublesome! It may also face the result of poor installation. How to decorate the TV cabinet is more practical? Five classic practical TV cabinet design cases, the reference value is comparable to the encyclopedia

case 1:

one line TV cabinet - do not choose the house type

one line TV cabinet does not choose the house type. It can save space when used in small houses, and it is more spacious when used in large houses. The simple design will not distract you, so you can concentrate on watching TV. Xiangxieli series TV cabinet, white cabinet with dark wood color cabinet, elegant and generous. Double Drawer design, storage capacity is also great. The design of shutters covering the door is soft and beautiful. You must accept it if you like the design of shutters

add a square hanging cabinet above the slotted floor cabinet, which not only increases the storage space, but also makes the design of the whole TV cabinet lively and interesting

case 2:

two shaped TV cabinet - better appearance

the upper and lower layers are designed. The upper part is a simple laminate, which is mainly responsible for display, and the straight-line floor cabinet is responsible for storage. The two complement each other, and they are integrated into a whole, beautiful Chinese style. The combination of pink gray oak and green dragon wood highlights stability and generosity. The cabinet is equipped with lattice carved patterns, which shows the charm of ancient times

the combination of high gloss white and golden autumn yellow is simple and fashionable, which is very suitable for young people. The combination of floor cabinet, hanging cabinet and laminate height meets the basic storage and display needs, and personalized decoration on the table can be unique

if you want to add some color to the living room, you can choose this combination of Sea Yellow Pear and rainforest green. Instantly make the living room lively and dynamic. The color of jinzunhua pear shows the freshness of logs. The vertical cabinet of this TV cabinet is fully open design, with layers of shelves superimposed, which looks very comfortable

case 3:

L-shaped TV cabinet - generous storage

L-shaped TV cabinet is generous and dignified, which is composed of a floor cabinet and a vertical cabinet. The vertical cabinet can be designed to be open or closed, which is mainly responsible for storage, but it will not be too eye-catching

the combination of gray and white, the combination of door covering and open design, and placing some small objects in the charming storage grid can improve the appearance of the cabinet

Case 4:

half surrounded TV cabinet - Art collision

the design of half surrounded TV cabinet is to make either side of the cabinet open, so as to achieve an artistic beauty and make the whole cabinet look like there is still room for "breathing"

the door cover design without handle makes the switch cabinet door easier and more convenient. The cabinet body adopts a staggered design, which is beautiful and practical

the staggered square lattice frame connects the ceiling cabinet and the floor cabinet, and the combination of opening and hiding the door makes the overall beauty of the TV cabinet full

case 5:

fully surrounded TV cabinet - storage master

fully surrounded * the main feature is that it is square and upright. On the one hand, it makes full use of the space above the TV to increase the storage function, on the other hand, it naturally divides the functional areas and draws a clear line with the floor air conditioner and other items

the TV cabinet designed to the top is all white and has an elegant temperament. The door covering cabinet and the square lattice are superimposed, which integrates storage and display, and the perfect combination of personality and practicality. Symmetrical design on the left and right, focusing on display. Half wall design can be used for space partition

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