Study decoration is simple to enjoy fun carefully

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From the sliding door of the entrance to the floor, desk and bookcase, the whole study space is permeated with a natural log flavor. Quietly, warm, calm the restless and noisy mood. Add green plants as decorations, so that the owner can relax and relax while writing and reading

although the study is small, its storage function is very powerful, and green plants are everywhere. Learning tired can relieve the visual nerve

the male host's studio is somewhat like a big boy's game room. There are Zhang Dali's oil paintings, favorite military products, and old family photos, which are more casual and comfortable

the study is connected with the master bedroom, and wood is a common material that brings Oriental simplicity to minimalism. Those car models are the favorites collected by the owner. Together with the hand-painted manuscripts, they are used as study decoration to add memory color




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