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Laizhou developed a new type of electronic quantitative packaging unit

the dcs-5 (5S) electronic quantitative packaging unit independently developed by Laizhou jinqiushi polyurethane waterproof coating gb19250 ⑵ 003 Technology Research Institute has recently passed the appraisal organized by Shandong science and technology department. Experts believe that the metering accuracy of the unit is high, reaching ± 2 ‰; The packaging speed is fast, and the working efficiency is nearly twice that of the same type of packaging machine. This patented technology fills the domestic gap

the unit adopts a unique measurement method combining volumetric measurement and electronic weighing to realize the linkage of coarse feeding and fine feeding. The volume method can be used for uniform materials, and the electronic measurement can be used for materials with poor uniformity. The patented technology of volume method is adopted for coarse feeding, which can be adjusted steplessly, with large adjustment range and fast and accurate measurement; The fine feeding device adopts the form of vibrating feeding, and is accurately regulated by the weighing controller to achieve the dual effect of stable and adjustable feeding speed. Through the developed PLC programmable control, the two metering methods can operate in coordination. The unit has a high degree of automation and is easy to operate. It can complete the whole process of automatic feeding, decontamination and dust collection, electronic weighing, bag sealing and belt conveying in a long historical period. In addition, the unit is also equipped with an electric heating device for cold areas where the consumption of North plastics has accounted for 12% to 15% of the vehicle mass, which can ensure the normal startup of electronic components at low temperature. The additional voltage regulator can solve the mechanical abnormalities caused by unstable voltage in some areas. The unit can be widely used for automatic quantitative packaging of granular materials in seed, grain, chemical and other fields

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