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Chongqing: the transformation of land suitable for mechanization boosts the development of modern agriculture in mountainous areas

recently, lingjiaoba school in Fuxing village, Yongcheng Town, Qijiang District, Chongqing was busy. It is reported that the main performance of lubricating oil for lingjiaoba farmland renovation project in Fuxing village, Yongcheng Town, the first construction site suitable for land mechanization transformation in Qijiang District, has been started in July. Up to now, 80% of the work has been completed, and all the work will be completed in the near future. In Chongqing, such a project of farmland suitable for mechanization is being rolled out in an all-round way from a pilot project

what is the land suitable for mechanized transformation? To put it simply, it is to reorganize the uneven, large and small, scattered and fragmented plots into standard farmland suitable for large and medium-sized agricultural machinery to cultivate, sow, manage, protect and harvest, so as to improve labor productivity and comprehensive land utilization. The author learned that the first land suitable for mechanization transformation project in Qijiang district includes 170 mu of paddy fields and more than 90 mu of dry land, with a total area of more than 270 mu. As the young people in the village go out, the remaining women and the elderly have very limited land to effectively cultivate, resulting in the direct abandonment of some fields. The use of these scattered plots, including abandoned land, through the unified circulation of villages and groups can greatly improve the use and output efficiency of land. At present, the land suitable for mechanization under renovation has attracted the attention of large-scale land management investors. They are going to plant sightseeing rape, improve soil fertility by pressing, and then plant high-quality rice. PolyOne recently announced that the cultivation, seedling transplanting, management and protection, and harvesting of rape, green pressing and returning to the field will be carried out in the form of agricultural mechanization

350000 mu of rice is planted in Qijiang District in mountainous and hilly areas, and it is estimated that 100000 mu of rice will be harvested by machine this year. A considerable part of the 100000 Mu Machine harvesting area is completed by single household small machines and semi mechanized harvesting, while less than half of the land area can be harvested by large and medium-sized combine harvesters. For the planting, management and protection of corn, rape and fruit trees, the percentage of the mechanized gbt5028 (1) 999 test method for tensile strain hardening index (n value) of metal sheet and strip is lower. Qijiang and even the whole Chongqing are dominated by hills and mountains, and the area of hills and steep slopes accounts for more than 70%. Natural conditions lead to limited farming methods, which are mainly manifested in the following aspects: first, the traffic is inconvenient, the roads are difficult to repair, the machines are difficult to access, and many farm machinery cannot access; Second, the plot area is small, the height bending changes irregularly, and the agricultural machinery "has no place for heroes". In other provinces and regions with a relatively high degree of mechanization, traditional farming methods such as hoe digging, ploughing, hand planting and sickle harvesting, shoulder picking and back grinding are labor intensive, labor costs are high, and the overall agricultural operation efficiency is significantly low

in order to solve the problems of difficult agricultural machinery in the field and difficult farming management and protection, Chongqing began to explore pilot plots suitable for mechanization in some districts and counties in 2014. By 2016, 47021 Mu had been treated. The transformation of horizontal strip fields in Dazu, Yubei, Yunyang, Fuling mustard base, Yongchuan rape and sorghum base, Fengdu pasture base and Bishan citrus orchard... The land after renovation can be operated with large and medium-sized agricultural machinery. Agricultural machinery is used where agricultural machinery can not be used. Where agricultural machinery was barely used in the past, agricultural machinery can now be used freely, The labor efficiency has been greatly improved compared with the previous years, and significant large-scale planting and operation results have been achieved

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