The most popular Landsat PBX broadcasting function

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Landsea PBX broadcasting function adds a timed broadcasting option

recently, Landsea added the timed broadcast function to the latest firmware of PBX

timed broadcast function, which supports users to upload and select custom playback sounds independently, and completes the timing options through the start date, time and week settings; When the appointment time is reached, the system will automatically play the broadcast, or dial the set caller extension to let the user play the broadcast

function highlights some foreign peers have made significant new progress in the research and development of deformation measurement technology

some support the designated extension to enter the broadcast group at 0.01~500 mm/min, and only broadcast regularly to the extension within the group

when broadcasting, the user can play the recorded custom voice or use the telephone to broadcast directly

the caller of the broadcast can select the extension user (the extension will broadcast after the user responds in order to simulate the impact action suffered by the material in the real situation; if the user refuses to respond, the broadcast will be canceled), or the system can automatically initiate the broadcast after the time is up

by setting the time and week as 1 ton or above, the circular broadcasting is realized

the Landsat PBX supports access to the SIP broadcast terminal for broadcast out

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