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Shanghai yidiwang's land withdrawal and remake price increased by 10million

for the land market in Shanghai, which has been depressed for more than half a year, the land plots traded yesterday (November 14) have a strong signal significance

yesterday, Huakong group won the homestead of y000902 compilation unit in Puxing community, Pudong, Shanghai with 671million yuan. The dividing marks of equivalent buildings should be marked on the parallel length of the sample, and the plate price is 21700 yuan/square meter. This plot was won by Shanghai Jingrui Investment Co., Ltd. in 2011 with a total price of 661.1 million yuan, equivalent to floor price of 21400 yuan/square meter. Therefore, this plot became the plot with the highest transaction price in 2011. Later, due to the "adjustment of the company's strategic focus", the plot was withdrawn

as for the land withdrawal of Seaview Rui Investment Co., Ltd., the industry generally believed that the fundamental reason was the high price of the above plots. However, yesterday, the final transaction price of the above plots was higher than last year's 661.1 million yuan, which many people did not expect

"this will embarrass Jingrui." When we learned that the most expensive residential land in Shanghai in 2011 was finally traded at a price about 10million yuan higher than that at that time, xuejianxiong, an analyst at China real estate trust, said so

in fact, there have been other cases of relisting land plots in Shanghai this year, but the result is that the transaction price is significantly lower than the last transaction

statistics show that among the 11 plots relisted for transfer, the transfer conditions of the remaining 9 plots have changed, except for the b03a-02 plot in Block B of the Expo area, the plots to the east of Chengliu road and the north of Shengzhu East Road in Jiading District, where the transfer conditions have not changed, and the changes are all price adjustments. The initial floor prices of the 9 plots decreased compared with last year, with the largest decrease of 44.94% and the smallest decrease of 10.96%. The initial total price of 8 plots decreased, and that of 55 Haimen road increased with the total price, but the floor price also decreased due to the adjustment of plot ratio

take plots 1 and 2 of the former "double material land king" Chengqiao commercial housing base of Shanghai Chongming sold on the afternoon of March 27 as an example. On that day, the plot was won by Shanghai Tongying Hongming Real Estate Development Co., Ltd. at a base price of 536million yuan, equivalent to a floor price of about 3075 yuan/m2. The plot was sold at the floor price of 6451 yuan/m2 in february2011

songhuiyong, the research director of Shanghai Centaline Property Consultants Co., Ltd., said that the land market in Shanghai is slowly coming out of the trough from the different change directions of the transaction price after the land is re listed

in fact, there is another recent example where the secondary listing price of the plot is higher than the original transaction price. On October 31, a plot of land listed for the second time in Xianlin lake, Nanjing attracted three real estate enterprises to bid for it. Poly finally won it with 814million yuan, which was much higher than the price won by Rongsheng development in 2007 with 710million yuan. However, the plot ratio of the plot has also increased from 1.8 to 2.5

why is this change? According to the statistics of Centaline real estate, the daily economy found that the total construction area of equity land reserve newly added by Vanke, Zhonghai, poly, Evergrande and other ten real estate enterprises in the first September of this year was only 25.41 million square meters, but the sales area of the above companies in the first September reached 4.7 million square meters, which was significantly improved by 3.76 million square meters. At the same time, according to the data released by Shanghai E-House Real Estate Research Institute, the sales area and sales amount of the top ten real estate enterprises increased in October, and the annual sales completion rate was 94.9%. The lack of land reserves of real estate enterprises objectively brings them the pressure of "blood replenishment"

under such a background, analysts generally believe that the land transaction volume will be large in the future, and the pace of market recovery will be further accelerated. However, songhuiyong believes that land prices in Shanghai will not rise rapidly in the future. This statement is also recognized by a Shanghai real estate developer who is planning to buy land recently. (yanglingqiang)

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