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Lang Xianping talked about the development opportunities of consulting for small and micro hardware enterprises in Yongkang. In 2010, he came to Yongkang, and his humorous "Lang's point of view" created a "Lang whirlwind" in Yongkang. At the end of 2012, he will once again set foot on Yongkang, a fertile land for entrepreneurship, and tell his point pointedly: where will Yongkang enterprises go after the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China? He is langxianping, an economic and electronic Libran famous for daring to tell the truth

the new year economic summit forum of enterprise leaders, jointly sponsored by Yongkang Municipal Bureau of economy and information technology, enterprises association and Zhejiang Ouyuan Real Estate Co., Ltd. in September 2017, will be held in the theater of Yongkang radio and Television Center on December 29 (Saturday)

professor langxianping, an internationally renowned expert in corporate governance and corporate strategy, was invited to the lecture. The theme of the forum was "China's macroeconomic situation after the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China"

small and micro enterprises formulate policies to support the implementation of new materials industry and take advantage of relevant policy industry consultation development opportunities. On December 19, in Jinhua Xinli Enterprise Management Co., Ltd., the executive unit of this event, there was constant consultation. General manager zhouzhongping told the author that in addition to large enterprise group booking, small and micro enterprises have also become the main force in ticket purchasing

yingshaoxiong, general manager of Yongkang Kangjie hardware kitchenware factory, purchased 8 VIP tickets at one time

"since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China was held, various policies have not been issued. As a small and micro enterprise, we must understand the policy direction." Ying Shaoxiong said that this is the purpose of his participation in the forum

ying Shaoxiong, who is over 40 years old, has been in business for many years, but his factory is still in its infancy. He told the author that he used to sell Yongkang hardware products in other places, but now he returns to set up a factory relying on Yongkang's perfect hardware industry chain. Although he started late compared with his peers, this year's product sales performance is still commendable, but Ying Shaoxiong is not satisfied with this. His dream is to make the enterprise bigger

"the economic situation we analyzed in 2013 is still in the 'cold winter'." Ying Shaoxiong realized that for small and micro enterprises, the "winter" is the biggest problem facing the enterprise. How to find opportunities in the cold winter, how to pave the way for enterprise development, and how to help their enterprises take off after the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, langxianping's speech may help him guide him

enterprises pay attention to the future market and formulate development strategies.

"under the background that today's manufacturing industry is completely market-oriented, the strength of policy support can even determine the success or failure of enterprises." Superman group is full of expectations for this "economic summit forum"

Miss Yu, a staff member of the group's office, told the author that the president of the company should be coming to Beijing to attend a large-scale "economic situation analysis meeting". After returning, she will also participate in the Yongkang new year economic summit forum for enterprise leaders with employees above the group's manager level. From this, it can be seen that domestic experts' analysis of the economic trend in 2013 may affect the future sales strategy of the enterprise

xiangjianfu, chairman of Zhejiang Ouyuan Real Estate Co., Ltd., the co organizer of this event, told the author that in addition to the high popularity of Professor langxianping, the impact of the government's macroeconomic and financial policies on the domestic economy, especially the real estate market, in 2013. How private real estate enterprises should respond to the above-mentioned environment is his most concerned issue, and perhaps it is also a particular concern of Yongkang enterprises

"will the United States launch a sustained trade war against China to highlight the economic sanctions against China? What are the risks involved in the recent six consecutive rises of the RMB?..." zhouzhongping said that the content of the event design has a close relationship with Yongkang enterprises, which is also a main reason for attracting many entrepreneurs to listen

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