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LANXESS International Rubber & plastic exhibition shows its strength

Germany LANXESS participated in the 2009 International Rubber & plastic exhibition held in Guangzhou from May 18 to 21 with the theme of "the solution lies in LANXESS". In this exhibition, LANXESS mainly displayed the company's perfect product lines for various applications, such as iron oxide pigments in the inorganic pigment business department and engineering plastic insurance pin extension additives in the Rhine chemical business department, which fully demonstrated LANXESS's strong strength as an innovative solution supplier

as the world's leading iron oxide industry, the industry is facing a liquidation crisis. The inorganic pigment product lines displayed by LANXESS include the long-standing high-performance bayferrox and colortherm product lines. Among them, the colortherm product line is designed for a variety of demanding plastic applications to optimize their performance

Dr. yuwenguang, general manager of LANXESS Shanghai Pigment Co., Ltd., said: "LANXESS has nearly a century of expertise in the production and reporting of iron oxide pigments: serial number application. Bayferrox and colortherm product lines have been very popular in the construction, coating, plastic and papermaking industries. More and more Chinese customers have found the advantages of bayferrox and colortherm pigments. LANXESS will be committed to helping customers produce plastic products with longer service life, better design and brighter colors with excellent products."

Rheinland chemical business department will mainly display its stabaxol product series - Polymer high-performance hydrolysis protection products. Yebaoyi, head of Rhein chemical's Asia Pacific plastic additives and lubricating oil additives department, said: "for more than 30 years, Rhein chemical stabaxol has always been a leader in the global polymer hydrolytic stability product market. Using stabaxol can not only keep the good characteristics of polymer excellent paper enterprises as the focus, but also extend their service life by three times and significantly improve their cost performance."

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