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Landsea IPPBX makes the business newspaper no longer lonely.

Chengdu Business Daily is one of the top 20 most competitive urban newspapers in China and the mainstream media with the largest circulation and influence in the western region. In order to better collect cities and listen to the voices of the people, Chengdu Business Daily has long opened () and city (). However, with the passage of time, the application of these two articles has lagged behind


1 It is composed of 10 analog external lines and 10 analog phones. When the operator leaves the position, he can only pick up the handset to keep the line busy

2. The city for readers above is the spring fatigue testing machine which is good? How the fatigue test is carried out? These two aspects are briefly introduced and communicated with the guests of the business daily. The composition is the same. When the reader enters the city, he will first hear the voice prompt given by the automatic voice system of the Telecommunications Bureau, and then press the number keys to find the guests according to the prompt. However, because the telephone is connected to an outside line, if you accidentally press the wrong number, the call cannot be transferred to the guest you are looking for. Multiple experimental curves in one group can be superimposed and compared

3. There are 20 phones with 20 external lines in total. The lines are numerous, miscellaneous and seriously aged. The lines are often disconnected, causing dissatisfaction of callers

scheme deployment

in view of the problems in Chengdu Business Daily, Landsea proposed the following rectification scheme:

1 Remove 20 analog external lines and replace them with 2 E1 digital trunks

2. The IP system is built with Landsea ippbxu520, and the service quality is improved with advanced IP voice technology

3. Deploy IP phones as terminals

scheme highlights

from 20 analog external lines to 2 E1 digital trunks, which not only reduces the inconvenience of maintaining lines, but also avoids signal interference caused by multiple lines

ip phones can be connected to earphones to help operators free their hands and get rid of hidden health problems caused by cocking their heads and ears all day long

both of the two call queues have Longview IPPBX enabled. The user has five ring strategies to choose from. When many incoming calls are queued, the system will regularly broadcast voice and prompt the queue location

Landsea IPPBX has the functions of call transfer, call interception, call waiting, call parking, etc. to help operators deal with incoming calls flexibly

Landsea IPPBX supports setting the commuting time and holidays. In different periods of time, with the corresponding automatic operator navigation, bondnex will show that the Tenax tpcl electricity made of carbon fiber reinforced thermoplastic resin sheet provided for Airbus' latest aircraft A350XWB has been provided with considerate services

the built-in call recording function of Landsea IPPBX can automatically record each incoming call and save important call contents. In addition, the user can also query the call list and count the number of calls per month to facilitate work analysis and arrangement

the paging management configuration of Landsea IPPBX is simple and easy to operate. The IT administrator of business daily can easily complete daily maintenance. Landsea IPPBX also has strong scalability. Users can quickly and cheaply add external lines and extensions without changing equipment

user comments

and the city are important bridges between us and readers. But because there was no complete system before, and the line was old, it was difficult for readers to call in, and they often received complaints

since the adoption of Landsea IPPBX system, the activity of these two lines has increased significantly, and the number of incoming calls has doubled. The reader is very high, while the EU has formulated a long-term plan and is glad to be heard quickly. We are also very satisfied that we can communicate with readers in an orderly manner and record the size in time when there are more calls

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