The most popular Landsea agents gather in Wuyishan

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Landsea agents gather in Wuyishan

on March 28, 2017, yeastar sincerely invited the national core agency partners to gather in Wuyishan to hold the 2017 National Agency Conference of Lonza, and jointly take the first step in the new decade and new journey of Lonza

at the opening of the conference, Mr. chenchuyan, marketing director of Landsea, first thanked the partners present for their active cooperation and hard work in the past year, which enabled Landsea to maintain a high-speed growth rate of 90% in its domestic performance

Mr. chenchuyan said in his speech that in the past year, Landsea has successively launched N-series intelligent switches and a new generation of Landsea IPPBX (s Series), and released linkus special software. All kinds of product innovation measures have received good response from the market, bringing layer upon layer surprises to users

while insisting on product innovation, Landsea also pays attention to market innovation

in, Landsea established its North America Office in Dallas, the United States, which is known as the telecommunications corridor. In the same year, Landsea also participated in or held up to 150 exhibitions and roadshows in dozens of cities at home and abroad. The brand of yeastar has been further spread around the world

for 2017, Mr. Chen Qiaoyan proposed three small goals of "good products, good services and good brands", and said that he would resolutely maintain the channel order as always and make greater efforts to build a harmonious, open and win-win partner ecosystem

as we all know, Landsea has been focusing on the IP communication field of small and medium-sized enterprises for ten years, and the maximum number of users of Landsea IPPBX has been maintained at 500. However, at the beginning of the new decade, Landsea will make major changes

Mr. Liang Xiao, the product manager of Landsea, unveiled the mystery of Landsea's first new product in 2017 -s1000

according to Mr. Liang Xiao, S1000 is also the first 1000 level IPPBX of Landsea in terms of current development trend. It supports dual power supply and dual machine hot standby, and has built-in call recording, conference, automatic operator, call queue and other rich functions. It can provide professional and stable IP voice solutions for large and medium-sized enterprises with 1000~2000 people

in addition to the exciting new product S1000, manager Liang Xiao also revealed many new functions to be released by Landsea s series IPPBX

for example, it supports 4G SIM card and volte, and uses card traffic to provide network connection for IPPBX; Or a page only console that can handle incoming calls more efficiently; Or Li, which will be added to the conference function, will ensure the normal use of the experimental machine nkus. Users will soon be able to initiate a conference from the end, invite members and manage the conference to avoid the intrusion of moisture or impurities. The new products and functions of Landsea have given partners more expectations. The new interface of Landsea IPPBX introduced by Mr. yezhida, the last senior technical engineer, has shown us a broader application space for IPPBX

previously, Landsea IPPBX adopted API interface, but this is a relatively old docking method. IPPBX communicates with the docking server through messages, which is inefficient and has high development requirements, Mr. yezhida said. Now, Landsea provides a new interface, that is, HTTP or URL, which is a more mainstream method. This new development method is quick to get started and has lower requirements for developers. It uses php and. Net, Java, C, c++, c

in addition to the exciting keynote speech, the lottery session in the conference was also exciting. With the appearance of the final award - Dajiang UAV, the atmosphere of the conference was pushed to the top

after the meeting, Landsea and its partners went up to the sky to tour the peaks, the Jiuqu River, the impression of Dahongpao, and lingered among the beautiful Wuyi Mountains and rivers

the road is long, and the line is approaching. In the process of using the tensile testing machine, we believe that as long as we adhere to innovation, ensure quality, optimize service, and with the full support of our agent partners, Landsea will surely go faster, more stable and farther in the new journey in the new decade

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