Six Feng Shui taboos in house decoration are true

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When decorating, we should not only pay special attention to the decoration construction, but also many people will pay attention to the decoration geomantic omen, because the quality of geomantic omen may affect the health, wealth, official fortune and other fortunes of housing residents. So, how important it is to have a good feng shui. Some people may not care much about feng shui, but the following six situations should be avoided as much as possible

geomantic taboo 1. Poor geographical location of houses

the geographical location of houses is also very important. If it is the lowest and shortest building in a group of high-rise buildings, it will definitely not be comfortable to live. The sun is blocked by other buildings, and good wind and rain are robbed by other buildings. It can be said that there is a sense of being restricted if there is no wind or rain. Living here for a long time is easy to make people sad and gloomy

geomantic taboo 2. The bedroom shape is irregular

the bedroom should be square and upright. The beveled edge is easy to produce visual illusion, and the polygonal words are easy to produce oppression. Therefore, such an irregular bedroom is easy to increase people's mental burden, and living in such an environment for a long time is easy to suffer from diseases or accidents

Feng Shui taboo 3. The kitchen is facing the door

the kitchen is the place where the fire is fried and the oil smoke is discharged. If it is facing the door, it will damage people's health. The kitchen is the place of life, which is relatively hot, and it should not be adjacent to the bedroom, especially the bed close to the wall of the stove

Feng Shui taboo 4. How the door faces the balcony? If the door faces the balcony, it is considered bad in Feng Shui. Therefore, this situation should be avoided. You can make a porch or curtain in the middle as a barrier to avoid direct opposition

Feng Shui taboo 5. The light of the house is dark. The light of the house is very important. If it is a very dark house and needs to turn on the lights during the day, Feng Shui calls the house a Yang house, then it naturally needs a balcony. However, the dark house has more Yin and less Yang, so it cannot accumulate enough yang to maintain its owner. Instead, it needs to steal the owner's Yang, which is naturally not suitable for living, Therefore, we should pay more attention to this when choosing a house

Feng Shui taboo 6. Change the bathroom into a bedroom. The current building design is the construction of all pipelines, so the bathroom of the whole building is located in the same place. If the bathroom is changed into a bedroom, it is equivalent to sleeping between the bathroom upstairs and downstairs. Because the toilet itself is a wet and dirty place, it may be affected if it is in the middle for a long time, And when the toilet or water pipe upstairs starts, it will also cause sound impact, which will bring certain damage to physical and mental health for a long time





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