Will the decoration cost increase in 2014

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There are really many owners of decoration at the beginning of the year. The most concerned problem of many owners is whether the decoration price has increased now? As we all know, the labor cost is increasing significantly every year. Will this affect the decoration cost? If you ask the decoration price carefully, many citizens find that the decoration cost does not show an upward trend

March of each year is the traditional peak decoration season. The reporter visited some decoration companies in Wuhan and found that the "half package" decoration price basically insisted on 370 yuan to 450 yuan/square meter, which was about the same as last year

behind the overall immobility of the decoration price is the rising labor cost from time to time. The boss of one of the top ten decoration companies said that taking the most popular carpenter as an example, now the salary is basically less than 250 yuan a day. Some carpenters' monthly income can reach 10000 yuan, and the salary increase is 20-30%

nevertheless, many decoration companies have not raised prices publicly. The boss of a decoration company said that there are 5000 decoration companies and construction teams in Wuhan, and the competition is very fierce. Citizens are highly sensitive to prices, and rising prices mean "losing orders". Therefore, the top ten decoration companies generally adopt the methods of tightening management costs, integrating channels and reducing procurement costs. I reduce the price "water", so as to adhere to the situation that the labor cost rises and the decoration cost does not rise, and achieve profits through volume walking




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