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Why not match the wall cloth and curtain

why not match the wall cloth and curtain

light decoration and heavy decoration have become the choice of more and more people in the decoration of home space, because compared with roman columns, arches, Damascus pattern wall cloth and a set of European style curtains, both the cost and home experience can be more gently integrated into the home space

Chinese style

in recent years, Chinese style and new Chinese style have become more and more popular with owners, symmetrical layout, traditional mahogany furniture, screens Carvings and other decorations, mainly in black and red, are a significant symbol of Chinese style. The Chinese style with elegant style and simple and beautiful shape is the home epitome of Chinese traditional culture

the overall space has a simple layout of hard decoration. The soft decoration is mainly in beige, black and gray, supplemented by bright orange to brighten the whole space. The tone is elegant, and the placket of traditional clothes on the curtains has a traditional Chinese charm

European style

magnificence and resplendence are the main characteristics of European classical decoration. The hard decoration uses a lot of luxury decoration techniques such as roman columns, reliefs, painted gold and so on. The simple European style integrates modern life elements, pays attention to the appropriate proportion of modeling, the clear and beautiful spatial structure, and reflects the fast-paced and vibrant atmosphere of modern life

large area of ceramic tiles and marble, beige bottom and gold tracing flower pattern are magnificent, the wall adopts the same color flower wall cloth, and the light blue European Roman curtain gold tracing, which shows the comfort of modern home in luxuriance

pastoral style

pastoral style is a style close to nature and yearning for nature. The colors are natural and rich. Rattan, wood, brick, pottery, natural flowers, plants, insects and fish are common elements. The biggest feature of pastoral style is simplicity, nature and comfort. Many popular handicrafts can be perfectly matched with pastoral style at present

rich colors such as white, green, bright yellow and Brown are perfectly integrated in the space. The blooming flowers at the head of the bed bring a natural flavor. The bright yellow curtain echoes with the yellow sofa at the head of the bed, and the gray main curtain makes the perfect transition of the whole space

the lingering flowers, like pastoral landscape paintings, have a trace of dreamy beauty between the detailed outline. With the geometric lines and flower patterns with Chinese window edge elements, the elegant charm of Chinese pastoral style is revealed

modern style

modern style is a relatively popular style. It pursues fashion and trend. Modern style has simple modeling, no excessive decoration, and advocates scientific and reasonable construction technology. It attaches great importance to the perfect combination of the layout and use function of the room space, which meets the psychology and needs of modern people in pursuit of a simple and comfortable life

the overall space layout is clear, the color is comfortable, and the soft decorative lines of furniture are simple. Whether it's the footstool at the head of the bed where items are placed, or the tray and small round table convenient for breakfast in the bed, as well as the simple and elegant color matching curtains, they all highlight the owner's elegant taste and comfortable life attitude

the wall cloth and curtain together constitute the three-dimensional space of the home, which is the main background of the soft decoration of the furniture. Compared with the hard decoration, you can build a home of the corresponding style by selecting the wall cloth and curtain of the corresponding style. Why not




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