Japan's door industry and China's good voice unite

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With the attitude of "really professional and dedicated", we have worked hard for 20 years and developed into a leader in the field of door industry - RISHANG door industry. We will join hands with the voice of China to jointly play the strongest voice of the door industry

with the attitude of "really professional and dedicated", we have worked hard for 20 years and developed into a leader in the door industry - RISHANG door industry. We will join hands with the voice of China, and join forces to play the strongest voice of the door industry

on June 2, the finals of the Wen'an station of Langfang competition area of "good voice of China", fully sponsored by RISHANG door industry, began a heated battle in the Wen'an Shengtai theater. As the first brand of China's music reality show, "voice of China" provides a stage for countless young people with music dreams to show their talents, and has been pursued and loved by the majority of music lovers

the organizer of this finals has provided sponsors at all levels such as nishang door industry with a "through train" opportunity to watch the wonderful performances of contestants from all walks of life, wave flags and shout for their favorite contestants, and feel the hot finals. For such a rare opportunity to watch the war from a close distance, the Japanese door industry sincerely invites the most precious old customers, dealers and media friends to participate in the grand event. The final was a regional selection, no less than the fierce competition of the national finals. The audience was enthusiastic, the players worked hard, and the stars shone. Everyone seemed to be swimming in the ocean of music and intoxicated

outfield of the finals

on-site of the finals

judges' scoring

guests from the door industry of Japan watched the competition

after the competition, the door industry of Japan sincerely invited VIP friends to visit the production base located in Hebei, and everyone witnessed the first-class production equipment of the door industry of Japan, and the exquisite craftsmanship on burglar proof doors and wooden doors, Experienced high-quality products and perfect home experience - these "notes" that play the strongest tone in the door industry all stem from excellent corporate culture, advanced management level, strict process standards, perfect quality management system and ultra-high service standards

an old customer who has used Japanese products for three years jokingly said, "I thought the doors were made by carpenters. It's the first time to visit this modern workshop. There are so many doorways"

another purchasing manager from MCC group said, "good voice, the atmosphere on the site is very good, and I am very grateful to RISHANG for leaving such an opportunity to customers. Although there have been some engineering cooperation with RISHANG before, today is also the first time to visit RISHANG's factory, which also strengthens the confidence of strategic cooperation with RISHANG in the later stage!"

visit the production workshop

Customer interview

although the finals of Wen'an station came to a successful conclusion, don't worry if you can't arrive at the scene

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