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The output value of Tianjin's printing industry exceeded 15billion yuan in 2011 rongxinhai, a member of the municipal CPPCC who attended the sixth session of the 12th CPPCC, revealed that the output value of Tianjin's printing industry exceeded 15billion yuan last year and will strive to double the output value in the next five years. In addition, China International Publishing Equipment Expo will be held in Tianjin this autumn, and will be permanently settled in Tianjin. A thin layer of MoS2 (2 molybdenum sulfide) grease will be coated regularly; It is held once a year

Rong Xinhai said that the city's publishing industry will strive to launch high-quality works, especially high-quality books and periodicals, such as the complete works of Wei Bei and the historical materials of the Republic of China, which are being planned. Baihua publishing house is also promoting new works in combination with its advantages in prose research, and the monthly novel and other periodicals are also expanding and strengthening in keeping with the market demand. While strengthening the traditional publishing industry, Tianjin also pays more attention to digital publishing. Relying on the national digital publishing base built in the airport economic zone last year, it will build a modern carrier platform for the city's digital publishing industry, such as copyright trade, cloud computing publishing center, public service platform, etc. Taking advantage of the opportunity of building an advanced manufacturing base in Tianjin, the printing industry in Tianjin is also developing rapidly. Last year, the output value exceeded 15billion yuan. The China International Publishing Equipment Expo to be held in this city this autumn will take three steps to build a trading platform for new technologies, new media and new equipment in the publishing industry for our country according to the on-site situation. In order to let the citizens enjoy the achievements of the short service life exhibition of cultural development, the city will further improve the rural bookstore this year, vigorously develop chain Book bars and carry out nationwide reading activities

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