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The output value of the mold CNC Industrial Park of jianba Park in Xian'an first district may exceed 10 billion yuan. Recently, Hubei Huaqi Biotechnology Industrial Park with an investment of 1billion yuan in Xian'an Economic Development Zone entered the trial production stage, marking the start of the construction of the eight parks in the development zone. A few days ago, Hubei Huaqi Biotechnology Industrial Park with an investment of 1billion yuan in Xian'an Economic Development Zone entered the trial production stage, This marks the start of the construction of the eight parks in the Development Zone, and the recent goal of the 15 square kilometer Industrial Park is being solidly promoted. The freshwater fish deep processing project of Hubei Huaqi Biotechnology Industrial Park has been listed as an international technical cooperation project by the state, and the tryptophan project has obtained a number of national invention patents. Within 5 years, the industrial park will achieve the development goal of having 100 experts and scholars, 100 marketing markets and 10 billion industrial output value

in recent years, based on the economic development zone of Xian'an District, Xian'an district has drawn up a blueprint for rebuilding an economic Xian'an, and hired Shanghai urban planning and Design Institute to carry out the overall planning, actively promoting the construction of eight industrial parks in the park, including Biotechnology Industrial Park, textile industrial park and energy-saving electromechanical Industrial Park. According to the investigation of luobaihui, Secretary General of the International Mold Association, the mold NC Industrial Park under construction has already started the construction of 10 mold NC enterprises. It is expected that 100 mold NC enterprises will be introduced into the home within five years, forming a mold NC base with an annual output value of 10 billion yuan, providing more than 10000 jobs

the construction of the park in full swing has greatly promoted the economic development of the development zone. By the end of June, industrial enterprises above Designated Size in the development zone had achieved a total output value of 5.19 billion yuan, an increase of 45.8% year-on-year; The added value was 1.538 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 41.2%; The tax revenue reached 114.66 million yuan, a year-on-year increase of 22% in the strict implementation of the annual inspection system

in Hubei modern forest industry science and Technology Industrial Park, which has been included in four batches in the province, six functional areas, such as plate manufacturing area, have been jointly built, which has attracted 35 enterprises such as Juning forest industry to settle in, and has two Chinese famous trademarks, Juning and Aosen, as well as a large number of provincial famous trademarks, such as myside

the textile industrial park, which is composed of Tianyuan textile, Tiancheng hemp and other enterprises as the backbone, has a construction area of more than 300000 square meters, of which Tianyuan textile invested 120million yuan to build 20000 pure hemp spinning, 20000 long hemp spinning and 10000 short hemp spinning production lines. The factory is expected to be officially put into operation at the beginning of March next year. The motor industrial park, led by Huabo sanliu, has gathered enterprises such as sunshine electric. Among them, zdy (R) series soft starting motors developed by Huabo sanliu motor in cooperation with huazhongke University of oil return valve technology, have independent intellectual property rights and patented technology, and have obtained national issued patents; Sanliu brand conical rotor three-phase asynchronous motor was rated as a famous brand product in Hubei Province. The electronic manufacturing industrial park is composed of Yidong electronics and Jinzhan electronics. It mainly produces LED backlight and connector products with independent intellectual property rights. Last year, the industrial output value reached 484.84 million yuan and 25.58 million yuan respectively, and the tax paid was 7.86 million yuan and 2.656 million yuan respectively. The bamboo circular economy industrial park, led by Juning bamboo industry, is engaged in the R & D and production of bamboo furniture and other products, with a total investment of 120million yuan and an annual output of 50000 cubic meters of recombinant bamboo. Hubei Huaning anti-corrosion Industrial Park has invested 400million yuan and has built two 30000 square meters of plants. It is expected to be built into the largest and most influential anti-corrosion product demonstration park in China integrating R & D, production and sales within three years

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