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The output value of paper packaging accounts for one third of China's packaging output value. It usually has high strength and toughness, can withstand pressure and folding, and its quality requirements are simpler than those of cultural printing paper. There are many kinds of subdivision paper, each with different properties and uses. For example, the paper used for food packaging also requires sanitation, sterility and no pollution impurities. Electronics, household chemicals, food, beverage and other industries have a great demand for packaging paper

not long ago, the paper products packaging Committee of China Packaging Federation held a symposium on the development of paper packaging industry in eastern and Western China in Shanghai. Liushousheng, Secretary General of the paper products packaging Committee of China Packaging Federation, said that in 2010, the requirements for the preparation process, equipment and production environment of high nickel ternary materials in China were far higher than those of ordinary ternary materials, anchor cables, marine anchor chains, marine anchor chains, cast steel anchor chains and other metal materials. The total output value of the experimental packaging industry such as tensile properties, tensile strength and yield strength exceeded 12000billion yuan, and paper packaging accounted for 38.29% of the whole packaging industry, The strength of the industry is huge

according to incomplete statistics, there are about 40000 carton factories in China, about 4500 corrugated paper production lines (including those that cannot be used). The annual output of each corrugated paper production line is about 660 square meters, and the total annual output is about 40billion square meters, of which the three-layer corrugated paper production line accounts for 15%, the five-layer corrugated paper production line jjg1136 ⑵ 017 accounts for 80% and the seven layer corrugated paper production line accounts for 5%. There are about 1500 carton factories in the United States, with 660 corrugated paper production lines. The annual output of each production line is about 6288 square meters, and the total annual output is about 41.5 billion square meters of plastic film. There are about 251 carton factories in Japan, with about 477 corrugated paper production lines, with an annual total output of about 13.4 billion square meters

Secretary General Liu pointed out that through the comparison of data, it is urgent to change the layout and growth mode of China's paper packaging industry. Transforming resource advantages into technological advantages is the way out for the industry

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