The output value of titanium dioxide in Tengxian C

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From January to September 2010, the output value of titanium dioxide in Tengxian County exceeded 700million yuan. In the first three quarters, the total output value of industries above Designated Size in Tengxian County reached 7.7 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 57%. Among them, the annual output value of the five characteristic industries such as ceramics, aluminum, titanium dioxide, shipbuilding and electronics is about 4billion yuan, accounting for about half of the annual industrial output value of the county. There are six other emerging industries such as leather, amounting to more than 3 billion yuan

in recent years, in addition to the shipbuilding industry, traditional industries such as titanium dioxide and rosin in Tengxian county are also growing. In the first three quarters of the year, from a family workshop with 34 employees to an enterprise with more than 400 employees, there were five titanium dioxide enterprises in Tengxian county. 1 Soft but weak: the tensile strength is low, the output reaches 58355 tons, the output value exceeds 700million yuan, the tax paid is more than 20million yuan, the output accounts for about one tenth of the country, and it has become a veritable "titanium white capital"

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